Beswick Pottery

Beswick Pottery, made by James Wright Beswick was started by him, and his sons; John and Gilbert. The company was founded in 1892 in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent and became widely known for creating porcelain figurines, most notably porcelain farm animal figurines. Since the time of the company’s founding, Beswick pottery has become a collectors item sought after by many collectors worldwide.

The company was not always a pottery manufacturer, but first began making tableware and ornaments before moving into high fired bone china. Their new processes allowed them to make high quality china and figurines and the company became highly successful with animal figurines including dogs and horses.

As the company progressed into the 1940’s their focus shifted to more life-like animal figurines. They also received permission in the late 1940’s to make some very well known figurines including Beatrix Pottery figurines as well as Disney characters. Snow White, Mickey Mouse and Bambi figurines were all produced by Beswick Pottery.

The 1960’s saw a shift in ownership and the company was sold to the famous Royal Doulton company. Unfortunately the demise of Beswick was on it’s way and Royal Doulton soon began replacing the Beswick stamp with their own. Beswick stamped figurines were made until 1989 and the re-introduced for a short time in 1998. The last Beswick stamped figurines where produced in 2002. Recently the Beswick name and designs were sold to another company and animal figurines have begun to be produced using the name John Beswick.

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