McCoy Pottery

First established in 1910 by Nelson McCoy and his father J.W. McCoy in Ohio under a different name, the company was relatively successful in creating utilitarian stoneware up until it formed another company after an merger with other clay companies. This formed the American Clay Products Company which thrived until 1926 when the company fell on hard times and went bankrupt. The company was able to reorganize in 1929. Any products that the company made prior to this time were unfortunately not marked.

In the early 1930’s demand for products that it had been making (food and sanitary products) were declining and the company went through good times and bad times, mergers and acquisitions until it finally closed and no trace was left. The McCoy pottery trademark has been transferred many times in the past half-century.

McCoy pottery went through many name changes, mergers and acquisitions and has been called McCoy Pottery Co, Kildow, Williams & McCoy Pottery Co, Midland Pottery Co, Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware, Brush-McCoy Pottery Co to name just a few.
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