Lord Nelson Pottery

Lord Nelson Pottery was made by a company called Elijah Cotton ltd which was part of the Nelson Pottery. Founded back in 1885, the company was built on the site of a much older pottery which was built well over 200 years ago, in the late 1700’s. Their claim to fame was their jugs which they were by far the best at making. In their day they were the largest makers of jugs in the world and were able to mass produce them. When thinking of Lord Nelson jugs, they come in various sizes, from small, 3 ounce jugs all the way up to huge ten pint jugs.

Although it was their jugs that made them famous, that’s not to say that they didn’t make anything else. They most certainly did. They were also famous for their earthenware and wide variety of what were called “fancies”, back in the day.

Elijah Cotton was a man who liked to be creative and he is credited with making the company what it was. With hard work and dedication, it became one of biggest potteries in the area. When Elijah died, his two sons eventually took over the company, which was still growing. Arthur was noted as being a successful manager which allowed the Lord Nelson Pottery brand to continue to flourish. With the growth, products were exported all over the world.

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