Roseville Pottery

While many of the notable pottery makers were based in Britain, The Roseville Pottery Company was an American based company that was founded in 1890 in Roseville Ohio. The company was started by J.F. Weaver who brought in George Young to manage the new company. Early in their history, the company was most notable for making flower pots and other everyday household items. The company experienced rapid growth and were able to purchase Midland Pottery and the Clark Stoneware company.

After just a decade, the company commissioned a new designer, Ross Purdy to design the company’s first art pottery line of products which was called Rozane. The main objective behind this was to compete against Rockwood, Owens and Weller Pottery’s various lines.

Roseville pottery enjoyed a successful life, which came to an end in 1953 when they were purchased by another company called the Mosaic Tile Company. Since that time, Roseville pottery has enjoyed much attention from collectors. While there are many common items made by Roseville pottery, there are some very expensive and sought after pieces that can fetch thousands of dollars. With Roseville pottery, there are many counterfeit and reproduction pieces because their popularity so it’s important for collectors to be sure that they are purchasing a genuine item.

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