Midwinter Pottery

Founded in 1910 , Midwinter Pottery grew tremendously and by the 1930’s it became one of the largest potteries in England, having over 700 employees at one time. The company had many notable and talented designers that helped to bring them to the forefront of the of the tableware industry in Britain and even around the world. Unfortunately though, it was their creativity and innovation that may have contributed to their demise. For the company, each new design series was costly to design and produce and after only two failed series, the company was in financial ruin. In 1968 the company was taken over by J & G Meakin, which was itself purchased by Wedgewood pottery in 1970. Wedgewood continued to make pottery under the Midwinter name though until 1987. For collectors it’s the pieces during Midwinter’s most successful era, the 1950’s and early 1960’s that have become sought after and are highly valuable in some cases. [phpbay keywords=”midwinter” num=”6″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”BestMatch” minprice=”10″ templatename=”columns” columns=”3″]